Welcome to this site! This site is made primarily for those who are already involved with SFI. This site lays out the game plan/blueprint of earning a six figure  income with this business. I am not going to make a huge fuss/claim about how you could start receiving checks for thousands of dollars in your mail and be able to quit your job instantaneously. This is a business opportunity (a terrific one), not a get-rich-quick scheme. So if you are looking for the latter, this site is not for you. However for those that are willing to put their efforts into creating their six figure income and ultimately achieving their dream in six months, I suggest you to keep reading. And for those who have not signed up with SFI yet can CLICK HERE to do so. It is free to sign up.

So what is SFI?

SFI marketing group is a home business opportunity anyone in the world can get involved with for free. Strong Future International, or SFI for short, has seen it’s ups and downs in the past. That is probably true of many Internet based businesses. They have really began to make progress in the past few months do to many positive changes they have made in their business.

There are several reasons to join SFI. Here are 3 good ones right here:

  1.  You can make more than you spend very month to be a member. The basic membership is free, but they offer many benefits for becoming an Executive Affiliate which is recommended.
  2. They are the largest direct selling organization in the world. They have a huge number of affiliates in over 200 countries and are growing everyday.
  3. Gery Carson is always trying to better his company

Gery Carson is the founder and President of SFI. He is active in the day to day operation of SFI as is evidenced when you hang out in the SFI Discussion Board. He posts on a regular basis which I think is neat. You can not get any better information on what a business is doing than straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

SFI has made some recent changes again to their compensation plan. They are going back to a powerline approach to building a downline which is creating excitement and getting more upgrades to paid members. They call this being an Executive Affiliate (EA). Going EA is easy to do and they give you many incentives to upgrade in your first month with them.

There are many things to talk about when it comes to SFI, but maybe the most important is their huge inventory of products you can sell. They have products in many different categories. The backbone of their product line is the International Association Of Home Business Entrepreneurs or IAHBE for short.

If you run your own home business you will like this Internet membership based product that gives you current information on everything you need to start and run your own home business. It is a good product to sell because you can provide instant access without any shipping involved. Therefore people all over the world can sell it and make money.

SFI has over 9 million free and paid members and appear to be getting better and stronger as they move their business forward this year. As an affiliate for SFI Marketing Group you have the opportunity to start a home business and make money or even a lot of money for years to come.

CLICK HERE to get started!

Source: Jeff Schuman, http://voices.yahoo.com/what-sfi-marketing-group-benefit-240761.html?cat=35

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